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Q Are you an approved provider ?
A Yes, we are an approved provider of the ASWB (ASWB Provider # 1430). The ASWB's ACE approval is a mark of distinction recognized by most social work licensing boards in North America.

Q Are your courses accepted in my state ?
A We are an approved provider of the ASWB (provider # 1430) and are accepted by most social work licensing boards in North America.
Please be advised that unless your state has endorsed the ASWB ACE Approval Program, there is no guarantee that you will receive credit for the workshops and conferences listed.
To ensure that your state licensing board has endorsed the ASWB ACE Approval Program, review the list here

Q What is your refund policy ?
A At CEUSchool our number one goal is the satisfaction of our social workers, and our policy is satisfaction gauranteed or your money back within one month of purchase.
That being said, we are a Karma company and realize there may be circumstances that go beyond this one month period. Just send us an e-mail with an explanation of the circumstance and we will do our best to accomodate you as fairly as possible.

Q Is CEUSchool ADA compliant ?
A Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA), Titles I and II of the ADA of 1990, and Sections 503 & 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, CEUSchool will not discriminate against any employee, applicant for employment, or student, because of a physical or mental impairment with regard to any position or program for which that person is qualified. Students who may need special accommodations in the learning process may request these services by contacting support@ceuschool.com or calling us directly at 1-855-SOC-CEUS (762-2387).

Q I have completed the registration process and am interested in starting the coursework. In your course offerings/package, am I required to purchase any textbooks or additional materials?
A No, There is no need to purchase any additional material. Everything you need is right here included in the price that you pay.

Q I didn't add my License # when I signed up but I want this to appear on my certificate of completion, can you help me ?
A Yes, you can update your license information as well as other information in the "My Info" tab when you log in. If you are still having trouble, let us know and we will update the information for you.

Q The Exam page will not open / or I press the exam button and I am still on the course homepage?
A The exam window opens in a new browser window. Try closing all the windows, logging back in and go to the course home page. From there click the exam link. The exam window should open in the forefront. If not, try looking to see if for some reason it opened in the background and also check to see that you don't have a popup blocker blocking the new window from opening.
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Q How do I register for my 1 free credit ?
A All you have to do is sign up and we automatically put 1 free credit into your account. Please note that we only give you 1 free credits on your initial registration.

Q I passed the course exam, how come this course still shows up as an "enrolled course" and not as a "completed course" ?
A Once you pass the exam, you MUST fill out the course evaluation and then submit the test score and evaluation for this course to be considered completed. As soon as you get a passing score, the evaluation appears right below the exam - fill this out, submit and your course will move from the "enrolled courses" tab to the "completed courses" tab.
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Q I have completed my course and course evaluation, when will you be sending my certificate of course completion ?
A When you complete a course, it will show up in your "completed courses" tab. From here each completed course will have a link to your certificate. You can print them whenever you wish, as we store this information for you.

Q I would like to know about the difference between CEUs and CE Hours/Units. Which is it that you give?
A The definitions of contact hours and continuing education units (CEUs)--and the difference between the two--often are misunderstood. Although the terms seem interchangeable, they have different meanings. One contact hour (CE Hour / Unit) of continuing education is defined as a 60-minute hour with no less than 50 minutes of uninterrupted instruction.
At CEUSchool,  one credit is equal to one CE Hour / Unit.  

Q Is your payment mechanism secure ?
A Yes, very secure. We use PayPal, the leader in online transactions, to handle our payment process. CEUSchool NEVER views your credit card information. We just see confirmation from PayPal that you have paid CEUSchool, and then we update your CEUSchool account with this information. This is a very safe and secure method, and CEUSchool WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, so please keep that in mind.

Q Do I need a PayPal account to use CEUSchool's service ?
A No, you do not need a PayPal account to use CEUSchool. You can just enter your credit card or Bank information in the payment screen and PayPal will do all the work for you and will update your CEUSchool account. It is a seamless transaction.

Q I just paid for a CE Package, but I dont see that my account got updated. Can you help me ?
A Sure, on very rare occasions PayPal doesn't pass your user id along with your payment. We monitor this each night, so we will catch this and apply your payment to your account, but feel free to e-mail us and let us know.

Q I forgot my password, can you help me ?
A No problem, go to the login page and click the "Did you forget your password" link. You can either use your "username" and press submit or your e-mail address you used when you signed up and an e-mail will be sent to you with this information. If you still are having difficulties, feel free to e-mail us.

Q How do I know how many credits I have left in my CEUSchool account ?
A When you log in, you are taken to your "My CEUSchool" account page. On this page, right under the tabs, you will see your "Unused CEU Balance". This will tell you how many credits you have left to apply towards a class.

Q I get reimbursed for my classes, can you provide a receipt for me ?
A Sure, this is taken care of  for you in the "Payment History" tab when you log in. All your billing transactions are recorded here and there is an invoice for each one.

Q  I registered for your service, now what do I do next ?

 If you aren't already logged in, log in and then you are taken to the "My CEUSchool" page. You will notice that the "enrolled courses" tab is where you start. From here, click the "Enroll in a course" link. You can enroll in as many classes as you wish without having to pay. Once you enroll, this class will show up in your "enrolled courses" tab. Click the Course name link and this will take you to the course homepage. On the course home page, you will see the reading material and you will see the exam. Read the material and take the exam when you are ready. When you pass the exam, make sure you also fill out the course evaluation. Once you submit your exam score and evaluation, this course will show up in your "completed courses" tab. This is where you can see your certificate. We store all this information for you so you don't have to. You can always go back and print a certificate anytime if needed.

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Q I took the exam and it said I needed to purchase 2 more credits because my account didn't have enough credits left. I just made the purchase for two more credits, do I need to retake the exam ?
A If your exam window is still open and you just made a purchase, just toggle back to the exam window and refresh the browser. It should let you continue to fill out the course evaluation. If you had closed the exam window, unfortunately you will have to take the exam again.

Q Do you keep your information about me private ?
A Yes, your information is held in privacy. We will NEVER GIVE or SELL your information to anyone, EVER.

Q Do you have a way for me to organize the classes I have taken with you, like a history of my classes ?
A Yes, Log in and go to the "CE Tracker" tab. From here you can view all the classes you took within a given time frame. The dates default to your current CE Cycle so you know how many credits you have taken and can figure out how many more you need for this time period. You can also view courses you have taken from other providers which really helps you keep track of everything.

Q How do I add courses that I have taken from another provider ?
A In the "Other CEs" tab you can add a course from another provider. Just enter the course name, course provider, # CEs earned and date completed for each course you have taken with another provider (not CEUSchool). Then you can go back to the "CE Tracker" tab and build a custom report to see what classes you have taken from CEUSchool, another provider or both on one report.

Q Do I purchase a course or do I just purchase credits to be taken towards a course ?
A You just purchase credits (ces) that can then be applied to the courses you want to take. Say you purchase 10 credits, and then you complete a 5 credit course. You will then have 5 credits left in your unused credit/ce bank that can be applied to any course.

Q Can I write a course for you ?
A Yes, we would love to hear from you about writing for us. We are always looking for new courses. Please contact us.

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